The Aftermath of Protein Fires

Protein Fires!

Protein Fire

With the holidays around the corner, everyone is preparing for their family get-together! A major facet of these family events is the “Holiday Dinner.” Occasionally, as these events tend to produce more memory making family stories, the holiday dinner may become forgotten about… in the oven!

So…. You’ve overcooked your goose!?!

Even the neighbors can smell!

Pun intended… but meat and poultry that has been burned or ignited will leave a FOUL odor no that one can ignore!

While many times lacking a visible presence (black soot), residues generated by severely overcooked meat or food items can and will emit a nauseating odor. These smelly mishaps are referred to as protein fires and they can leave an almost overpowering and long-lasting odor problem.

The source of the lingering odor must be removed!

The first step of the restoration process begins with determining the full extent of the damage. Unlike a typical “paper or wood” fire, there won’t be much in the way of visual residue. The resulting protein residue that permeates your house will have a very high odor content. As with any odor problem, the first step in deodorizing is removing the source that’s causing the odor.

There is no substitute for experience!

In some instances, you may be able to tend to the cleaning and deodorization on your own with the use of household cleaning agents. However, tracking down the invisible residues which may be the source of the odors may be a tough task to accomplish.  When the job of cleaning up and deodorizing after a kitchen or protein fire is beyond your abilities, it may be time to seek help from the professionals. Fire damage restoration industry professionals, Like Chavez Restoration, utilize decades of fire damage restoration experience, professional grade cleaning agents and state of the art deodorization equipment to return your property to it’s pre-loss condition.

If a protein fire happens:

When a protein fire happens, first; properly extinguish the flames or call your local fire department to put out the fire. After the fire is out, and everyone is safe.. Call Your Restoration Advocate – Chavez Restoration. We can help get your life back on track with our 24-hour emergency response to your fire damage, available 365 days a year!

At Chavez Restoration, we’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our fire response technicians are trained to identify problems, mitigate damage, then quickly and efficiently put your life back on track! We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

When quality matters… tell your insurance carrier that you need Chavez Restoration!

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Article by:
Daniel Berthiaume – Chavez Restoration & Cleaning

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