Winter Tips to Avoid Disaster

“Protect your home or business with just a few simple and inexpensive measures.”

Winter Tips

“What Steps Can I Take to Reduce My Risk of Property Damage From Freezing Weather?”

Winter weather can cause some serious damage to your property:

Winter brings with it the potential for cold weather-related property damage. While we can’t control the freezing weather, Chavez Restoration would like to share a few things you can do to protect your home or business with just a few simple and inexpensive measures.

What Steps Can I Take to Reduce My Risk of Property Damage From Freezing Weather?

Winterize all outdoor sources of water:

Damage may happen to your outdoor spigots if the water is not turned off and the hose not removed. Be sure to empty and store the hose, and cover the tap with a suitable winter-weather resistant cover.

Clear all gutters of leaves, twigs, and debris:

A blocked downspout may cause water to back up and form an “Ice Dam.” The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause expensive damage to the property’s roof, insulation, walls, ceilings, and floors.

Test your sump pump and lubricate the float mechanism:

Regular testing of your sump pump and lubrication of the device will help ensure that your sump pump will be working correctly at the time it is needed most.

Inspect and address the foundation of your property:

Cover all unnecessary exterior vents and fill any cracks around your home’s foundation. Cover drafty basement windows with an insulating material. These steps will help prevent heat loss and cold air intrusion. These steps may also help keep wildlife out from the inside of your property.

Address any plumbing that is close to the exterior of your home:

Using heat blankets, insulating sleeves, foam covers or heated pipe wraps to insulate the outermost pipes within your home.

Keep the temperature of your property above freezing:

Set your thermostat at a minimum of 55 degrees, especially when you’re gone for the day or away for a long time. If you program your thermostat below 55 degrees, you may risk damage to the plumbing closest to your exterior walls.

Frozen water pipe caused this frozen flood

In the event of power outages during freezing weather:

When the source of heat is affected by a power outage, it is a good idea to slightly open your faucets to allow a small trickle of water to drip. This will keep the water within your pipes moving and lower the risk of frozen pipes.

If you are leaving your property for an extended period during freezing weather:

In the event of an extended absence or long-term power outage, we suggest turning off your main water supply and draining the water from your faucets. Opening the cabinets under the sink will also allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes. These steps will help reduce the risk of water freezing in the pipes, limiting the chance of the pipes breaking.

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