Environmental Cleaning

Whether its mold spores, common allergens, C. diff spores, bacterial, or viral loads, your home shouldn’t make you or your family sick! Our technicians are well qualified in the decontamination of blood borne pathogens, bacterial, viral, mold and infectious disease contamination. Our Environmental services are designed to ͞reduce, remove, eradicate͟ problematic microorganisms within your home.

Our In-house environmental services may include single rooms or complete home decontamination, full structure cleaning or decontamination only. These services are priced separately so you can determine your needs and your budget. Improving the indoor environment, through cleaning and disinfecting, that’s what we do!

Structural Cleaning– Whether it’s is bending down or erecting scaffolding to clean and decontaminate a surface, our certified technicians will be at the point of contact to remediate the problem.

Contents Cleaning– Our services may include full pack-out and disinfection of all interior personal contents or specific on-site cleaning and decontamination.

Mold Remediation– The largest impact to the indoor air quality of your home or office may be mold contamination.

Air Duct Cleaning– There are microscopic contaminates (pet dander, pollen, mold, dust mites, etc.) that create a melting pot of micro-organisms that live and multiply inside your HVAC ducting system.

Bio-Recovery– There are many health risks associated with cleaning and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Our crews are very efficient and professional in handling and decontamination of blood, and bodily fluids.

Sewage Back-flows– Back-flows can create health implications because they carry infectious and pathogenic bacteria or viruses in the water. Exposure to sewage water may create a potential health risk for everyone but especially for children under the age of 7, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

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