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Oriental Rug & Area Rug Cleaning

“We specialize in preserving and protecting your look, style and investment.”

Your Image is the result of your investment of time and money:

Home decor doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, and it’s often overlooked unless it’s uncoordinated or dirty, then it’s like a giant coffee stain on a gentleman’s tie. It is hard not to notice, impossible to look away, and never forgotten! Your oriental rug or area rug is no different! Developing your desired “look,” requires the investment of countless hours of shopping, comparison and sometimes a small fortune to arrive at the balance of function and pride in your home decor. Chavez can help maintain your investment with professional area rug & oriental rug cleaning.

At Chavez Restoration & Cleaning, our cleaning technicians are trained and experienced in professionally cleaning and refreshing the fine fabrics of your area rugs. Whether new or old, natural or synthetic fibers, we specialize in preserving and protecting of your investment. You have many choices as to who cleans your area rugs. Because of this, we ask that you be cautious when trusting the professional cleaning of your treasured area rugs to those who may be inexperienced or poorly trained. The problems may only become compounded while increasing your stress level and maybe even diminish the value of your property.

We take great care when cleaning your investment:

Our Certified Technicians will utilize the appropriate gentle, but effective cleaners that will keep your beautiful oriental rugs & area rugs as inviting as the day it was new. The regular professional cleaning your area rugs will keep your investment looking fresh and vibrant for all to see!

Teflon for area rugsFiber Protector can protect your fine fabrics:

We believe that the best way to keep our carpeting, area rugs & upholstery looking bright and new is to protect the fabrics with our state of the art Advanced Fabric Protection Treatment. This treatment process protects your fabrics with a hydrophobic coating which will protect your investment from most liquid spills, soil and oil penetration while adding stain resistance in traffic areas and promoting more effective cleaning and vacuuming. Our Advanced Fabric Protection Treatment may be used to protect your commercial & residential carpets, upholstery and more!

Keeping your image and your investment looking beautiful!

Beautiful rugs can turn a nice room into a beautiful space for entertaining family and friends. Let Chavez Restoration & Cleaning maintain that appearance and your investment. You have invested time and money in selecting and cultivating your “look”; let us help you keep that look fabulous!

Our Mission:

At Chavez Restoration, we’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967.We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

We are proud to be Your Restoration Advocate.
When quality matters… you need Chavez Restoration!

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