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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Have you heard the saying; “your reputation proceeds you?” As a ubiquitous calling card, your facility is telling a story, about who and what your business is about! This story is shaping your customer’s opinion of you without you even saying a word; it starts with the outside of your facility, and then quickly turns to the inside, shaping a client’s lasting perception of your business.

Once inside, your interior decor can either confirm or improve your client’s perception of your business! Fair or not, your facilities appearance is telling a story about you! Make that first impression a great impression, a positive and lasting story!

At Chavez Restoration and Cleaning we utilize multiple cleaning systems, which give us the ability to tailor our service to meet our client’s specific needs. Because we offer more than one method of carpet cleaning, we are very price competitive and can design a program to fit any budget! Trusting an inexperienced or poorly trained cleaning company may compound the problems, increase your stress level and maybe even diminish the value of your property.

Our products will not expose staff or customers to harsh chemicals or strong, unpleasant odors. Your carpet will dry in hours, NOT days, eliminating over wetting and reducing liabilities. Studies have shown that a clean, work environment can also foster a happy and productive work staff.
Also, with regular maintenance cleaning can dramatically extend the life of your carpet. Which means not only will it last longer which maximizes your carpet investment, but it will also look great throughout the year!

Protecting your components with a quality fiber protectant will help your commercial grade carpeting and area rugs last for many years. Whether new carpeting just added to your office or existing carpeting recently cleaned; fabrics and fibers will look better and stay clean longer if protected after cleaning. We use and apply what we believe to be the finest in fabric protection, “Fiber Maxx” for all of our client’s fabric protection needs. Fiber Maxx penetrates and bonds with the materials, “sealing” and giving it lasting protection. This protecting is done on a nanoscale so that you won’t feel the coating by touch.

Whether they are natural or synthetic fibers, if left unprotected, your materials will be exposed to permanent staining from food, drink, and daily client and staff use. Our advanced fabric protection applications are customized to match each piece being protected.

At Chavez Restoration, we’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our commercial cleaning crews are experienced and trained to identify problems. The cleaning and restoration specialists at Chavez will work quickly and efficiently to put your facility back on track! We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

When quality matters … you need Chavez Restoration!

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