Air Duct Cleaning

“Our air duct cleaning service can greatly improve your indoor air quality.”

“We use the ‘Source Removal Method’ which is thorough access of your air duct system and physical removal of the contaminants from inside.”

Do you suffer from allergies, asthma, or have other respiratory problems? Are there pets or smokers in your home? Is excessive dust accumulating on your furnishings? If you answered “Yes” to any of these problems, you could benefit from a cleaner ventilation system!

Why should I have my air duct system professionally cleaned?

When was the last time you looked at the inside of your duct system? If you are an average homeowner, the answer is probably, never! As homeowners, we do not associate contaminants that are lurking in our air handling system with the air we breathe. These contaminants may be pet dander, dust, dust mites or even mold & bacteria.  Most of these contaminants are microscopic, and won’t be visible without significant magnification… until they build up. As this contamination eventually builds up, it will become encrusted within the inside of the ducting system. Because of this, the air you and your family breathes passes over and through the melting pot of contaminants that lives within your ducting system.

Why does Chavez Restoration insist on offering me a free consultation for air duct cleaning?

All ventilation systems and homes are different, we need to understand the scope of the project before we start the project. To achieve the best results possible, we offer free on-site consultations within our local service area. During this consultation, we will survey your air duct system, discuss your goals and offer advice, develop protocols to thoroughly clean the system, and provide you with an accurate estimate based on our findings. From there, we will schedule our professional and experienced air duct cleaning technicians to start your project at a date and time convenient to you.

How is air duct cleaning by Chavez Restoration any different from other companies that offer air duct cleaning as a service?

We will thoroughly clean your ventilation (ducting) system using the “Source Removal Method” which is thorough access of your system and the physical removal of contaminants from inside. Without redistributing the contaminants throughout your home, we are able to loosen and remove the contamination from it’s source. We accomplish “Source Removal” by creating proper access while utilizing industrial grade vacuum collectors, high volume compressed air, and thorough physical agitation .

Beware of companies that offer air duct cleaning at a price that is too good to be true.

Some companies that offer duct cleaning as a service may use only low volume vacuum and collection lines that may be unable to collect larger debris, This will prevent the ducting from being thoroughly cleaned. Their collection lines may be as small as an inch and a half in diameter, with the ability to access just a portion of your air duct system. Trusting duct cleaning to those who are inexperienced, poorly trained or those offering a “value service” without proper equipment and techniques may only compound the problem.

Improper air duct cleaning may cause further issues by leaving behind most of the now disturbed contamination. As a result, these contaminants will be redistributed back into the airspace of your home. This may compromise and lower your indoor air quality while potentially becoming a trigger for allergic reactions.

Will professional air duct cleaning improve my indoor air quality?

Professional air duct cleaning is one of the many restorative cleaning services that is offered by Chavez Restoration that can and will improve your indoor air quality. For more information about improving your indoor air quality, be sure to give us a call for a free consultation. You can also find more information within the “Environmental” section of our website.

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