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“True remediation is not about using bleach to kill the mold.”

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What may be the source of my mold concerns?

Mold problems can develop as a result of sudden water incidents like pipe breaks, washer hose failures, foundation leaks, etc.; these water problems can transition into mold problems relatively quickly as a result of slow or inefficient drying. Other typical mold problems develop over a longer period from slow plumbing leaks, roof leaks, windows failure, etc. Regardless of how it happens, moisture remains the trigger for mold growth in the indoor environment.

What to expect from the mold remediation professionals at Chavez Restoration:

Proudly serving Northeast Kansas since 1967, we have become the authority in Mold Remediation & Mold Mitigation Standards. We offer free mold remediation consultations to help you feel confident that with our training, experience and specialized equipment, we will return your home or business to a safe and healthy environment. We will either design a protocol for remediation based on our findings, or we will work with your third-party Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) and their tailored remediation protocols. Third-party post-remediation testing is always recommended to validate our remediation success and to assure the wholesomeness of your indoor environment.

Can I just kill the mold with bleach or other products?

Actual remediation is not about using bleach to “kill the mold,” nor is it about painting to cover or seal it up. When an inexperienced individual or poorly trained restoration company unsuccessfully attempts true mold remediation, the problem may become compounded while prolonging the repair process and increasing your stress level. Improper mold remediation may even greatly diminish the value of your property.

As a professional mold remediation company, why do you not offer mold spore level testing?

Since mold contamination is a microscopic problem, can you really trust the test results from the remediation company hired to do the work? We recommend utilizing an independent third-party Indoor Environmental Professional for testing to verify that you have a problem, and once again to confirm a “final clearance” after remediation. Using an independent third party avoids a “conflict of interest,” inherent with mold remediation.

Traditional remediation is out of my budget… What options do you offer?

As the area’s exclusive TOMI Disinfection Service Network Provider, we have the ability to incorporate the use of SteraMist™ BIT®; The EPA registered Hospital-Grade Disinfection System proven to eradicate mold spores. SteraMist™ can be utilized as a final assurance to mold remediation or as a principal component in “mold mitigation.”

What is “mold mitigation?”

Chavez Restoration offers a proven “Plan B” to traditional remediation. The goals of mold mitigation are to eliminate the ongoing mold growth from the treated environment and then reduce the airborne contamination. Typical mitigation plans would involve cleaning of all active growth surfaces, control active growth by eradicating viable mold spores with SteraMist™ and HEPA air filtration of ambient air to remove airborne contamination.

Mold mitigation may or may not include limited demolition of building materials, which can save time and money involved in reconstruction. As all indoor mold problems are unique, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a Chavez Restoration Mold Specialist to help develop a remediation or mitigation plan that will best suit your needs.

Our Mission:

We’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our mold remediation technicians are trained to identify problems, mitigate damage, then quickly and efficiently put your life back on track! We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

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