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Sewage Clean Up

“When sewage back-flows into your home or business…
It is impossible to detect the level of contamination accurately from sight or odor alone.”

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Water is backing up into my property from the drain system… what do I do?

Sewage clean up from back-flows and sewer backups present the same drying concerns like normal water damage, but will present microscopic biological hazards. Do not attempt to mitigate a sewage loss project without the proper experience, equipment or personal protective equipment. Doing so can cause great physical risk of infection while systematically prolonging the repair process, increasing your stress levels and may even greatly diminish the value of your property.

We are experienced at professionally mitigating the damage and biological hazards produced by sewage. By quickly and safely removing the sewage while reducing high humidity and moisture, we are able to keep your sewage loss from evolving into a more hazardous biological problem.

Why should I be more concerned that sewage has entered my home or business?

Sewage back-flows or sewer backups are more complicated than a typical “fresh” water loss or water intrusion, because of the infectious, pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the water. These invisible microorganisms elevate sewer backups to more than just an icky, smelly, unsightly mess. Sewage back-flows rise to a health concern risk for all humans but especially for children under the age of 7, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

How hazardous is the sewage or standing water?

As a property owner, your first thought might be if the sewage water is hazardous, or does it look or smell bad? Since you are dealing with microscopic contaminants, it would be impossible to detect the level of hazardous contamination accurately from sight or odor alone. Where the water originated from is relevant to whether you have just a water intrusion or an actual bio-hazard. If the water source is a waste water line, regardless of how it looks or noticeable odor, it is contaminated water.

If your property has been flooded by clean water, certain conditions can cause this water to become hazardous. The length of time the water remains stagnant, the prior condition of the affected area and even temperature and humidity are the major factors influencing how quickly the water becomes a biological hazard. If you are unsure as to how long the water has been standing, this water must be considered hazardous, and contact must be avoided.

How can Chavez Restoration help fix my sewage problem?

We offer immediate response to your sewage loss call for sewage clean up. Our recommended protocol of a typical sewage back-flow begins with quickly removing all contaminated water and sewage, initial decontamination and disinfection of affected salvageable structure, demolition of sewage-compromised and non-salvageable building materials and removal of the affected porous, non-salvageable contents. Once completed, we pressure clean all affected areas, to “wash and rinse” the remaining sewage residue away.

The next step of our protocol would consist an initial cleaning and complete dry down of all areas of concern with daily monitoring. Once the drying has been completed, we would then encompass a final detailed cleaning and final decontamination of all affected areas using SteraMist™ to ensure the wholesomeness of your property.

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