Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Restoration FAQ:

Q: Why do you recommend cleaning after a small fire, even if I just have smoke odor?
A: When you have a fire, the resulting damage will be smoke (soot) and odor. The odor is a result of the smoke (soot) residue being present. Soot particles are very small and can only...

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Insurance Vendor FAQ:

Q: My adjuster says that your company charges too much for your service, are you more expensive than their vendor?
A:That’s hard to say for sure, but I can tell you that we use the same software & pricing that most insurance companies and restoration company’s use nationally. Some insurance...

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Enviromental Cleaning FAQ:

Q: What does Environmental Cleaning mean?
A: Environmental Cleaning in our name for cleaning small things you that can’t be seen, like micro-organisms. Typically our cleaning services revolve around cleaning for appearance. Micro...

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Mold FAQ:

Q: Why doesn’t Chavez test for mold?
A: As a property owner, it may sound like a simple solution to have one company do both the testing and the remediation for a mold problem. We believe that scenario creates a big...

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Water Loss FAQ:

Q: How long does the drying process usually take?
A: The amount of time it takes for complete restoration really depends on the extent of the water damage. What materials might be wet, the length of time they’ve been wet, and how...

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