Insurance Vendor Q & A:

Q: My adjuster says that your company charges too much for your service, are you more expensive than their vendor?

A:That’s hard to say for sure, but I can tell you that we use the same software & pricing that most insurance companies and restoration company’s use nationally. Some insurance companies may use their own pricing. Their pricing if lower, it would be outside the normal industry pricing.

Q:What has changed with my homeowners Insurance, why do they insist on me using their people?

A: Some insurance companies have what are known as preferred vendor programs. These programs are based on the same principle as health insurance’s companies HMO programs. They rely on prearranged contracts with their preferred contractors; their system is designed to save the insurance company money. The draw back starts when the vendor contractor establishes the insurance company as its customer, and you become only the job.

Q:Are Vendor programs or homeowner’s “HMO” programs a bad choice?

A: There are some inherent conflicts within every system; each situation really depends on their vendor contractor. Will their contractor give areal independent assessment of the needed repairs? Will their contractor cut corners in order to fit into their programs pricing guidelines? Ideally, you’ll want to find a contractor that will work for you and recognizes you as their customer. Having a qualified, independent contractor can be critical for quality repairs and arriving at a fair settlement.

Q: My insurance company says I need to get other estimates. Is this true?

A: Many times the impression is given that multiple estimates are required. You are not required to get other estimates, nor are you required to accept the “low bid” for the work being performed. If there is an inordinate amount of pressure placed on finding lower estimates, that may tell you that your insurance company is more concerned with saving their money than they are of properly restoring your property. I would contact your agent for advice and help.

Q: I don’t feel the Insurance Company’s phone representative understands my loss. What should I do?

A: Damage assessments really shouldn’t be performed over the phone, and certainly not considered for afinalsettlement! If you are uncomfortable working with a “phone” adjuster, ask them to send an adjuster out, to actually, inspect the damages in-person. Many times the bulk of the training phone adjusters have taken is administrative and in costcontrol. Astonishingly, many have never actually seen water or fire damage in person. Yet, they are assigned to adjust something to which they have limited knowledge and experience.

Q: What if I am unhappy with my Insurance Company or their vendor’s assessment of may damage?

A: Many times your agent can help resolve key issues, unlike the adjuster your agent is directly affected if you are unhappy and ultimately choose not to renew your policy with his/her company. Large insurance companies may sometimes assume you will renew no matter how you are treated. If the repairs are not complete or inadequate, you will assume the financial risk once your adjuster closes their file.

Q: What role could my insurance agent play when helping me with a problem?

A: Your agent should be very helpful with any and all problems you have with your company. He/she should be more than just a check collector; they should be willing to earn your business and intervene when necessary.

Q: Are you saying that using my insurance company’s vendor program is a bad idea?

A: Not necessarily. If your insurance company’s vendor is experienced, performs a quality service, responds to your needs in a timely manner, and determines the proper scope of damage without interference, then it can be a good thing. The problem is, in the real world it usually doesn’t work that way. Vendor programs were designed to save the insurance company’s money, not provide quality workmanship or superior customer service … and they usually work as designed!

Q: Why do they use companies that are less than reliable?

A: Most vendors programs are made up of nationally franchised restoration companies. The quality and experience will vary widely in the restoration franchising business. Some franchisees ownership will go through as little as a two week training (“college”) course and then are turned loose to run their business.

Q:Their vendor advertises that they have over 50 years of experience; that’s got to be good, right?

A: Anytime a company can stay in business that long, it has achieved a great accomplishment! Many times franchisee use their franchisor years in business for marketing purposes, which can be very misleading. Most will receive just 2 weeks of training, and then start their business.


In my 35 years of experience, I feel most insurance companies, agents, and adjusters want you to be satisfied when you file a damage claim. They will do what they can, within the limits of your policy. They realize that you’ve paid for that right, and you are entitled to use your policy funds to fully, restore your property.

There is a smaller group of insurance professionals that are misguided and are driven to save money; even if that means that you have to settle for less. They don’t focus on you or your claim needs; they are focused on saving money throughout the process. No one will value your time or property, like you.

If, you experience any of these situations;

  1. If you feel coerced or intimidated in to using their vendor.
  2. If you feel like their lack of service has to do with the size, neighborhood or value of your home.
  3. If their vendor’s assessment of damage and repair is not accurate or complete.
  4. If you feel their vendor is cutting corners to keep the costs down.

You should contact your agent first and let him/her know of your concerns. If help is not forth coming, try the Kansas Insurance Dept., (Consumer assistance division), for relief. When you file a repair claim with your insurance company, you have to be your own advocate throughout the process.

Our company is independent, with over 50 years of experience in restoration and cleaning. We will work with you as our customer, and with your insurance company to restore your property.

Our goal is to provide you an accurate assessment of your damage, and a realistic estimate of the repairs needed to restore your property to pre-loss condition. We will do everything possible, to handle your loss efficiently and effectively, as we have since 1967. You have my personal guarantee!

                                                                        Dan Chavez

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