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“Bad odors can be the Canary in the mine shaft.”

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Chavez Restoration - Deodorization ServiceA bad odor or malodor may indicate the presence of bigger issues:

It is often said that pain is an early warning sign that something is not right, metaphorically speaking, odors are like pain. They can be the first sign that something is not normal in your environment. New odors are a result of a change in your environment, sometimes the odor is a short-term change and dissipates quickly, and other times it lingers for what seems like an eternity. Sometimes… you need a professional deodorization service to remove the bad odor.

Chavez Restoration has deodorization options!

Deodorization services by Chavez Restoration & Cleaning is known to reduce, remove or eradicate odors from; smoke from structure or content fires, pet dander & urine, tobacco smoke, standing water, biological contamination & more.

Our odor elimination will begin with a systematic inspection to identify the source of the malodor. We don’t rely on simple remedies like masking or sealing odors in; we eradicate them at the source!

Chavez certified deodorization specialists will determine the cause, effect, and pathway that is the basis of the problem. We then will act quickly to neutralize the offending scent. Once the source of the odor has been identified, our certified technicians will minimize the bulk source of the odor, which will increase the effectiveness of our treatment.

What can be done professionally to remove the bad smells from my home or business?

Our technicians will select from a full array of deodorization tools, solutions and state of the art equipment. Complete deodorization may be accomplished by meticulously cleaning and possibly disinfecting the indoor air and surfaces. This will help with eradicating of odor causing molecules, or the physical removal of severely contaminated structure or contents.

Be cautious when attempting deodorization on your own, or when using the services of those who are inexperienced or poorly trained, this may compound the problem and may make the already smelly situation even worse. Choosing the wrong company can prolong the deodorization process, which can increase your stress level and may even diminish the value of your property.

Our Mission:

At Chavez Restoration, we’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our deodorization technicians are trained to identify odor causing problems; resolve malodor issues, and then quickly and efficiently put your life back on track! We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

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