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Rapid Response and True 24-Hour Service! When fire damages your home or business, we are committed to putting your life back on track!

The Fire is Out… Now What Do You Do?

Whether it is a house fire, or a commercial building fire… fire damage as well as the resulting smoke damage is often a traumatic and devastating experience. The damage is sudden and unsettling. Even with minor fire or smoke damage, the disruption it causes can be overwhelming.

The leader in fire damage restoration services since 1967:

Chavez Restoration - What to do after a fire

We understand the nature of the damage and how to repair it. We also recognize the emotional toll that comes with it. We will work with you, your family or your business to ease the difficulties of a complete recovery.

Our advanced training, experienced technicians and impeccable reputation gives us the ability to be Your Restoration Advocate at your time of need. As such, we are able to ensure that your property is correctly restored.

We have the experience and ability to help guide the restoration project, or we can be your support throughout the process. To assist you with your fire damage claim and the restoration process, Dan Chavez has written an informative E-Book to share with you: Fire Restoration Basics 101  – This book is based on our over 50 year history and real-world experiences in fire damage restoration.

What to expect when Chavez Restoration responds to your fire damaged property:

Our thorough inspection process will identify the obvious as well as the complex and often overlooked smoke damage. Our investigations go beyond just the visual traces of smoke, but also identifying trapped smoke, which usually leads to “phantom” odors long after the contractors leave. After our initial inspection, a comprehensive cleaning plan is then determined and implemented according to established industry standards.

“What will happen to my belongings?”

Large or small, experiencing a fire in your home or business will leave you with two lingering problems; soot residue and smoke odor. These continuing issues will not only affect your structure but everything within it, including your personal property!

Chavez Restoration specializes in on-site cleaning and deodorizing for smaller projects as well as complete pack-out services of personal property for larger scale fire or smoke restoration projects.

Content Pack-Out Service:

Custom Fire Damage Restoration Packout Services - Chavez Restoration

Before packing-out, our technicians will digitally photograph and inventory your belongings. From there, we then gently pack and carefully transport your property to our cleaning facility. Once in our facility, your possessions are inspected, evaluated, and salvageable items are then efficiently and meticulously cleaned and restored. As a final step in the restoration process, your possessions will be deodorized using Ozone gas to ensure the smoke odor is permanently eliminated.

When your contents are cleaned and deodorized, your belongings will be re-boxed and stored in our secure and monitored, climate controlled storage facility until the restoration work is complete for the structure of your property. From the first day of the pack-out to the last day of your delivery, we take every step possible to help get your life back on track.

Our Mission:

We’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our technicians are trained to identify problems, mitigate damage, then quickly and efficiently put your life back on track!

We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

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Fire Damage Restoration Basics
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