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Water Damage Restoration

Rapid Response and True 24-Hour Service! When water damages your home or business, we are committed to putting your life back on track!

When water damage happens, fast action is your best option:

Water can damage your property faster than you can think! Water intrusion could come from a plumbing leak, a broken water pipe or a washer hose failure. Other sources could be a roof leak, ground water seepage or even from the water line going to your ice-maker. This water could flood your basement, saturate your wood floors, become trapped within your walls as well as your carpet and pad! No matter how your property is affected by water, fast action is the best defense. Flooded basement, water in my basement, dry my home, dry my business, water removal, water cleanup, water clean up, dry my basement
Quickly drying your property will help prevent additional loss and environmental problems such as mold. By trusting the water extraction and thorough drying of your property to Chavez Restoration, you can be assured that you will have the best structure and content drying service available.

We will find the hidden or trapped moisture with Thermal Imaging

As the leader in water damage restoration services, we are Your Restoration Advocate. Our family business has been proudly serving Northeast Kansas since 1967.

We are committed to embracing and responding to our client’s emergency service needs. We will arrive at your location within one hour or less* in most instances. Our emergency response services are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year. *In the event of wide-spread flooding, emergency response times may increase.

What to expect when Chavez Restoration responds to your call:

Our certified technicians will perform an initial inspection upon arrival to your property in response to a water intrusion emergency. Utilizing state of the art moisture detecting equipment to find problem areas of trapped moisture and potential hazards, our technicians will assess the scope of the project, design a protocol specific to your property and type of loss, then immediately act on that protocol accordingly.Large water extraction project within a warehouse

With these necessary steps, we are able to immediately begin the drying of your structural building materials, trapped moisture and your affected contents. Appropriat

e drying equipment will then stationed and utilized to remove the excess moisture while cleaning the air throughout your affected areas. This specialized equipment consists of industrial-grade dehumidification units, high velocity air movers, and air-cleaning HEPA air scrubbers. We will conduct daily monitoring of the drying progress until your property is not only dry… it is Chavez Certified Dry.

What about the water or moisture that is trapped in my walls? Will all of my finished drywall need to be replaced?

When water has affected the finished areas of your property, the affected building materials are considered in a “damaged state” until it is dried and returned to pre-loss condition.  Sheetrock, drywall and many other building materials may not need to be removed or demolished. Most affected materials can be saved and fully restored if the damage is tended to by a professional quickly. As our responding technicians discover pockets of trapped water and moisture, we will develop and act on the protocols necessary to dry these troubled areas with minimal to no damage to your finished structure when possible.

Why should I trust Chavez Restoration more so than any other company?

Since our founding in 1967, Chavez Restoration & Cleaning has become the most trusted water damage restoration company in Northeast Kansas.Kansas Capitol Building Flood Cleanup

We continue to offer the best quality service to our thousands of residential commercial clients. When your property is affected by water intrusion or water damage, we offer prompt and professional response. Our water damage restoration services will help prevent incomplete, ineffective or delayed drying which will lower the risk for indoor environmental issues within your home or business.

Chavez Certified DryOur mission:

We’ve been solving customer’s problems since 1967. Our Water Damage Restoration & Water Extraction Service Technicians are trained to identify problems and mitigate damage. We will work quickly and efficiently put your life back on track! We pride ourselves on professionally restoring our client’s property while meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. It is more than just our philosophy; this is a daily practice at Chavez Restoration.

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Water Damage Basics 101 Information About Water Damage

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